Project Warm Heart: Introduction

Still summertime in Mississippi. I’m still sweating. I yearn for the beginning of the Fall semester, so my days will have a purpose again. In order to feel like I’m not wasting away my youth inside with the AC, I’ve embarked on a mission. To some, it will be the most boring of your lives. To others, it might encourage you to do the same (I have minimum expectations of you).

To fight the monotony of my summer solitude, I’ve decided to do what I do best: read (*gasp*). I know this sounds like a boring diary entry, but I’m reading in a way that I’ve never done before. Instead of falling back into my pattern of grabbing my favorite classic or binging on the latest young adult romance novel (Yes, I’m guilty), I’m reading a prescribed list of books. While doing my 7th daily round scrolling through Pinterest one day, I happened upon a Buzzfeed article (Who doesn’t love Buzzfeed, am I right?) prescribing books, 31 in fact. It was titled “31 of the Most Heartwarming Books You’ll Ever Read” (Eye-catching, I know).

Being a relatively bitter person myself, the thought of a list of books designed to “warm my heart” was intriguing. 31 books is no small feat in my opinion, so I decided to take on the task. When I clicked on the link, a list of books appeared along with meager background summaries on each. I may be cheating a bit because I had already read a few books on the list, but that’s how I knew I wanted to take on the challenge. The few books I had read were some very deep and emotionally stirring books. I don’t know if they had warmed my heart after having read them, but they did leave a deep imprint on my mind. Any book that does that is absolutely worth it. I’ve decided to not limit myself to a due date. Thankfully, this isn’t college; it’s just my own personal goal (Whew!). I plan to take my time, but I am bound and determined to conquer these 31 books. If they truly succeed in warming my heart, it’s an added bonus!

I’m telling you all this bland story of discovering a random book list on Pinterest because I plan to take on a little project using my blog. While I trudge through this list, I’m going to be posting my progress. No, you’re not going to get a complete emotional play-by-play of each book, but I will share my thoughts and experiences on the ones that truly struck me. If you ,yourselves, wish to know my thoughts on one book over another, I’ll do my best to post an article concerning that book. Like I previously hinted, this might be a tedious and boring process to some, so bear with me. You are not bound by honor to keep up with my progress, but I’ll be flattered if you do. This may be the encouragement you need to finish up your own summer reading list or inspire you to complete the challenge with me. It’s completely up to you. If any of my opinionated ramblings strike a chord with you (Good or bad), and you feel compelled to read one of the suggested books, I’ve accomplished more than I had hoped. Wish me luck.

p.s. I’ve attached the link to the original article for those interested in taking on this challenge with me (May the odds be ever in your favor).



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