Buttermilk Blues

I’m back at it with the baking skills! Yes, I know my blog is a bit of a whirlwind with my to and fro from serious topics to cooking, but I can’t help it. Like Walt Whitman says in Song of Myself, “I am large, I contain multitudes.” Another recipe, another flour parade at la casa de Abby! Enjoy this…preferably with some tea or a beer if you’re into that sort of thing. Beverage options aside…here you go. 

I set aside a Saturday to work on my intermediate baking skill. I chose to conquer homemade biscuits this time (a Southern staple!). My parents had decided to settle for a date night, so the kids were free to fend for themselves. We’re not really kids anymore, so “fending for ourselves” turned into quite an impressive spread if we do say so ourselves. The kitchen was overflowing with busy bodies as we rushed to cook up a reward-worthy Southern dinner. All these busy bodies had names and titles. There was Kate, my sister; Richard, her beau; Henry, my brother; and Ally, my brother’s better half. I was marooned on the kitchen island managing to roll out biscuit dough as my siblings and their significant others rushed in and out of the bustling kitchen. To say it was hectic would be a poor understatement.

I’ve often heard that biscuit making was an acquired art, and I find that to be true. Though mine were satisfactory, they needed many improvements (see, I can admit they weren’t the best; it was my first attempt). I had bought a biscuit cutter that very morning with my father Jaylon, and I had the intentions of using it to make perfect, well-risen biscuits for that afternoon. I hoard Ree Drummond cookbooks (I highly suggest you buy one), and I had my eye on her buttermilk biscuit recipe for weeks now. As always, the reality didn’t exactly live up the mental image, but we feasted either way. They didn’t rise to my liking, but my expectations for first time recipes are usually pretty low.  Funny enough, the biscuits with jam and butter became an appetizer as Henry and Richard snatched them up in between trips to man the grill. All in all, my biscuits were good; the whole night was good. Our menu ended up being deer burgers, skillet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and of course, the biscuits. With every good meal comes a good mess, but the mess was well worth it.




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